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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Pinnacle Orthopaedics

Having a medical condition that restricts your movement and functionality can seriously impact your overall health and outlook on life. In fact, research shows that mobility limitations are closely associated with mental health symptoms.

Fortunately, there are medical professionals who specialize in helping patients bring back their physical independence and mobility through scientifically proven methods and techniques.

Physical therapists are your go-to people when you are suffering from conditions that limit and restrict your mobility. They also help prevent injury and reduce pain. Physical therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation, wherein patients are assessed for their medical history, symptoms, and needs in order to draft an individualized rehabilitation plan to meet treatment goals.

Why Choose Pinnacle Orthopaedics Physical Therapy

Pinnacle Orthopaedics has a team of licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who work closely with our physicians to give you the best personalized treatment and recovery care plan. These professionals pool their knowledge and use their area of expertise to help restore patients' independent mobility.

Why should you make use of physical therapy services in Pinnacle Orthopedics? We have clinic practices that set us apart:

  • We are patient-centered and we provide hands-on individualized care to patients depending on their specific needs, so every program is unique for every patient.

  • We have a supportive environment to keep you motivated. Physical therapy requires team effort and active patient engagement to reach its targets. We treat patients as crucial members of our team.

  • We invest in training and continuing education, so our staff is updated with the latest research, modalities, and techniques in patient care.

  • We keep track of your improvements and progress. We evaluate what works and what doesn't and adjust accordingly to achieve the best results.

  • We encourage patients to ask questions and be thoroughly involved in planning their recovery in order to come up with a treatment plan that's tailored to their lifestyle.

  • We strive to educate patients regarding preventive measures to avoid health problems in the future.

With knowledgeable and experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and using the latest technology in physical therapy, Pinnacle Orthopaedics aims to help patients return to their daily routine as soon as possible.

Who May Benefit From a Physical Therapist?

Patients with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Our physical therapists can help patients who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries -- or injuries involving the bones, fascia, ligaments, muscles, and tendons -- on their road to recovery. These injuries include, but are not limited to:

Patients who have chronic and painful orthopedic conditions that limit movement, such as arthritis, a slipped disc, foot and ankle problems, back pain, scoliosis, and osteoporosis also need the services of a licensed physical therapist to manage the pain and reduce its impact on their life.

Patients who have acute sports injuries. Our physical therapists can help athletes and physically active people who have sustained a sports injury slowly and safely recover and return to the playing field.

Athletes who want to improve their strength, flexibility, and prevent injuries. Through exercises and carefully planned programs, we can help athletes improve their performance.

Patients who underwent orthopedic surgery. We also help patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery, such as total joint replacement, to recover their strength, flexibility, movement, and overall function through a combination of techniques in a carefully spaced number of sessions.

How a Pinnacle Orthopaedics Physical Therapist Can Help You

If you have been putting up with the conditions previously mentioned, you can go to the nearest Pinnacle Orthopaedics Clinic to get an accurate diagnosis and get started with rehabilitation and proven techniques such as:

  • Manual therapy

  • Functional movement

  • Corrective exercises

  • Flexibility and strengthening program

  • Proper body mechanics

  • Palliative (pain) modalities

Find the Best Physical Therapy Services Near You!

At Pinnacle Orthopedics, we utilize the most up-to-date technologies and surgical techniques to provide our patients with the highest quality orthopaedic care. Our team of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants have years of experience handling various types of orthopedic cases and have helped many patients return to their normal lives.

We are one with the community. Not only do our healthcare staff get involved in promoting awareness at numerous schools and sporting events, but they also provide exceptional orthopaedic services at 5 convenient locations. With offices located in Canton, Hiram, Marietta (East Cobb), Marietta, and Woodstock, and a Surgery Center in Woodstock, are services are very accessible.

If you still have any questions or wish to consult a member of our staff, please contact Physical Therapy Departments at our various locations:

  • Canton: 770-345-5717
  • East Cobb: 770-579-8558
  • Hiram: 678-453-5717
  • Marietta: 770-499-9918
  • Woodstock: 770-926-6520.

Or make an enquire on our contact page.

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