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David Johnston/Leg Amputation

David Johnston/Leg Amputation

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Dr. William D. Terrell's Patient David Johnston

David Johnston came to Dr. Terrell in 2013 asking for a leg amputation. Well that is not a common first appointment, but David had done his research. He had had multiple surgeries and constant severe pain for over 20 years due to ankle arthritis and osteomyelitis. He had tried many procedures and therapies and was ready for the bone amputation. He wanted to walk and run again.

After several months of scans and prep work, Dr. Terrell felt that David was a very good candidate for below the knee amputation. In February of 2014, Dr. Terrell performed the amputation. He also provided a bone bridge. In layman terms, this a small bridge of bone and tissue connecting the tibia and fibula bones at the end to provide a more stable "stump" which helps with mobility and weightbearing.

The surgery was a success. Three months after the amputation, David was working out four days a week. He had no pain and his wound was almost completely healed. Four months after the surgery, he received his prosthesis. It fit well and he had a minimal limp. He stopped taking ALL pain pills and muscle relaxers and had zero phantom pain symptoms and zero residual pain!

In November of 2013, nine months after his below the knee leg amputation, David Johnston did the Marietta Gobble Jog! He has now completed four 5K races and the 2019 Peachtree Road Race 10K!

However a new problem arose. He began to have sharp pain in his left knee. It woke him up from sleep and interfered with normal activity. It occasionally swelled as well and over-the-counter medications were not helping.

So the plan was to perform knee arthroplasty (total joint replacement.) However, David did his research again, and this time wanted to have a 3D printer create his knee implant. Dr. Terrell met with his resources to create the implant device and then trained several weekends to ensure the perfect procedure. The procedure was a success! In fact, it was such a success that it's doing better than other total knees! The physical therapists had never seen a recovery so quick!

So research complete - check! Successful amputation - check! Successful total joint replacement - check! Gobble Jog several times - check! Next step - Appalachian Trail! He plans to be the first Male Amputee to complete the Appalachian Trail! He's already hiked over 100 miles of it, so why not? Unique procedures call for unique goals!