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What You Can Expect From a Knee Replacement

If you have been suffering from a diseased or damaged knee, you may be a candidate for a knee replacement.

A knee replacement is a routine procedure with approximately 600,000 knee replacements performed annually in the United States. The surgery has high success rates, with about 90% of patients still finding relief after 15 years and about 80-85% still finding success after 20 years.

But what is the goal of a knee replacement? Ultimately, the purpose of a knee replacement is to restore the ability to bear weight on the knee while reducing pain and increasing mobility.

The surgery has advanced in recent years, and many surgeons are now using robotic knee replacements. Not all facilities use this innovative technique, but if you are looking for a reliable but safe place for robotic knee replacement surgery near me, continue reading for more detailed information.

How Do Surgeons Correct the Knee During a Replacement?

During a knee replacement, the surgeon caps the bone on the diseased knee at the joint. Plastic or metal components are used. This procedure allows for the knee to move correctly.

The prosthesis allows for patients to have less pain, increased mobility, and the ability to bear weight on the knee to participate fully in activities of daily living.

What is a Robotic Knee Replacement?

With a robotic knee replacement, the surgeon uses the technology to assist with precision during the procedure. ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) can help with bone resections and assess soft tissues in the knee.

ROSA does not perform the surgery independently; a surgeon is needed to complete the actual knee replacement. The surgeon is in charge of directing the robot to move when prompted.

Before the surgery, there are a series of x-rays taken. They are used to create a 3-D model of your knee. The surgeon can use the model to pre-plan the surgery, so once it is performed, the robot can help with accuracy during surgery.

Trackers and a camera are used to determine knee positioning during the surgery. ROSA makes adjustments to movements of the knee to help to ensure precision and accuracy as the surgery is performed.

What are the Benefits to a Total Joint Replacement with ROSA?

One of the most incredible benefits of the surgery is it is personalized. The surgeon uses the information gathered both before and during the surgery to ensure the best outcome. This is accomplished through real-time data, imaging, and range of motion assessments.

ROSA is minimally invasive. Other benefits of the procedure include:

  • A smaller incision ensuring less scarring and bleeding

  • Precision with implant placement

  • Reduced risk of pain and complications after surgery

  • Less injury to soft tissues in the knee

  • Faster recovery

  • It's been found to increase the longevity of the implant

Of course, as with any surgery, there are always risks for complications. Also, not everyone may be a candidate for a total joint replacement using ROSA. A consultation with a surgeon can help determine if the procedure is right for you!

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