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The Role of Physical Therapy After Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel release is a surgical procedure involving cutting through the ligament that's putting pressure on the median nerve. This is a necessary procedure after nonsurgical treatments have been exhausted without significant improvements to the function of the hand.

Following carpal tunnel release, the patient will have to wear a splint or bandage on the wrist for a period of two weeks. Our orthopedic doctor usually asks patients to undergo physical therapy as soon as the stitches from the surgery are removed.

Physical Therapy To Aid in Carpal Tunnel Release Recovery

Although 80% of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome respond well to conservative treatments, the remaining 20% need surgery to recover. But while surgery may remove the pain and discomfort on the affected hand, less than 50 percent of patients actually feel as if their hand has returned to normal function. This is where physical therapy can greatly help.

Recovery after a carpal tunnel release takes several months to a full year. But undergoing physical therapy in our Canton clinic can:

  • Speed up the hand's healing process

  • Improve the finger's grip strength

  • Prevent stiffness of the hands and arms

  • Slowly restore the range of motion

Pinnacle Orthopaedics physical therapy for patients who underwent carpal tunnel release includes a series of motion exercises as taught and guided by a licensed physical therapist. If necessary, the therapist may also advise patients to continue using a splint or brace while sleeping or working, depending on the recovery progress or the patient's activities.

Physical Therapy To Determine the Root of Pain Post-Surgery

Post-operatively, some carpal tunnel release patients could still feel pain and numbness in their hands three months following the operation. While it may be a fairly common side effect of the operation, the root of the problem may actually be determined through physical therapy.

Working together with our orthopedic surgeon, our physical therapist will help in determining if there's a surgical injury, neurogenic pain, and other associated conditions. Working with a therapist may also help the patient manage these uncomfortable moments during the recovery period.

This process is more than just a physical examination as it can also be for patient education. By doing a thorough exam, such as measuring the strength of the fingers and hands, our physical therapist can advise the patient on how to do correct movements and exercises that will make them feel more comfortable.

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