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October is National Physical Therapy Month: Here are 5 Reasons why Physical Therapy is Beneficial

It's time to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month!

Most Americans have worked with a physical therapist at some point in their life. Whether it be because of illness, injury, or chronic conditions, physical therapy helps patients gain mobility and strength.

The right physical therapy program is individualized to gain function through learning new ways to engage in physical activity. The goal is not just to recover from the current injury or ailment but also to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

Physicians are likely to recommend physical therapy to patients who may benefit from a conservative approach before surgery or after surgery to aid in recovery.

Wondering why physical therapy is so beneficial? Then continue to read about why it may be the right choice for you.

1. Avoiding Surgery

When patients work with a physical therapist and follow their suggestions, they may find reduction or even elimination of pain. Some patients heal well enough so that surgery can be avoided altogether.

However, surgery is sometimes unavoidable. By starting a physical therapy program before surgery, patients can have better outcomes after surgery. Why? Because you will have built strength through a physical therapy program so you can have a successful recovery.

2. Pain Management

Physical therapy may help reduce pain to the point where you no longer have any symptoms. Through physical therapy, patients may be able to avoid having surgery altogether.

If you have had surgery, the right physical therapy program will teach you the right progressive exercises to help reduce or eliminate your pain after surgery. This will help to speed up recovery so you can get back to life.

3. Improved Mobility

It comes as no surprise that physical therapy helps improve mobility. Whether standing, walking, or lifting heavy objects, physical therapy can teach you how to restore mobility safely. Through strength and stretching, patients find improvement in their level of functioning.

Your physical therapist may help you with assistive devices if necessary. Therapists help fit patients with the proper mobility orthopedic options such as canes, walkers, or crutches.

4. Improved Balance

Many patients who see a physical therapist are at risk of falls. If the therapist feels you are at high risk, they will work on safe yet realistic exercises to reduce the risk of harm from falls at home.

Therapists may help by teaching exercises that improve coordination and recommend the best orthopedic safety devices per your treatment plan.

Some patients are at risk of falls because of problems with vestibular functioning. Physical therapists can teach exercises that restore vestibular functioning to reduce symptoms of dizziness or vertigo. Through this restoration, the risk of falls dramatically decreases.

5. Recovering From a Sports Injury

Are you an athlete with a recent injury? Has your child experienced a sports-related injury that needs to be addressed by a healthcare professional? Then it is time to schedule a consultation for physical therapy.

Physical therapy is essential to recover from a sports injury and prevent further damage. Some sports increase the risk of specific injuries dependent upon the athlete. Physical therapists can design an individualized program to help you recover and return to the game safely successfully.

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