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How Physical Therapy Can Help With the Pain of Arthritis

If you have arthritis, then you have experienced the frustration of pain and restricted movement. Simple tasks like opening a jar or climbing out of the tub can be difficult. You may wonder if taking the time for physiotherapy will improve your symptoms.

Starting physical therapy can help you find symptom relief from arthritic pain. There are several reasons why this treatment option is popular and effective.

How Does Physical Therapy Help With Range of Motion?

Working with a physical therapist or orthopedic specialist will help you regain mobility in joints disabled from arthritis. By improving the range of motion, you will experience less pain and inflammation.

Physiotherapy supports optimum joint functionality. If a disability is significant, the therapist may use manual therapy to begin a basic exercise program to move the joints.

Improving mobility and restoring movement in the joints is a primary goal of PT. The physical therapist will work with you on the best exercises for your affected joints so you can find ease with movement again. Movement exercises are just one treatment component a physical therapist will use.

What Can Physiotherapists Teach You?

Often, arthritis is triggered by environmental factors. Physical therapists have extensive education in arthritis and what might flair symptoms. They have time to work with you on identifying what may be contributing to your condition and changes you can make that may help you find relief.

Physiotherapists teach you about the cause of pain. If you know the cause, you can make changes to environmental conditions that are contributing to discomfort. A specialist in PT may suggest modifications such as ergonomic chairs or supportive shoes to help you find pain relief and improved mobility.

It is important to understand physical therapists are licensed professionals with graduate degrees. Most have years of clinical experience and can examine, diagnose, and design an effective treatment plan.

Physiotherapists have a superior understanding of the diseases that limit the body's ability to function. This understanding allows them to design a program to improve strength and function to muscles around diseased joints.

Why is Muscle Strength Important for Arthritic Pain Relief?

Weakness in muscles puts added stress on joints. As a result, you have pain even with simple movements. By increasing strength and maintaining fitness, patients obtain and preserve the ability to do daily living activities.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, physical therapists also teach flexibility and balance exercises. By learning proper posture and body mechanics, you build strength to assist you in daily activities.

Sometimes people with severe arthritis have assistive devices. Physical therapy can still help you build strength by teaching you how to use your devices, such as walkers or canes. You will also be taught exercises to build strength in other muscle groups that may be underutilized when using assistive devices.

Are There Specialized Treatments Physiotherapists Use?

There are several specialized treatment options physical therapists may recommend:

  • They may recommend options such as braces or splints to help you find relief

  • They may have insight into alternatives such as shoe inserts for stress relief of feet and knees

  • A physical therapist may teach the benefits of proper hot and cold therapy to ease joint pain and stiffness

  • They may use therapeutic massage or use chiropractic techniques to optimize pain relief efforts

Through the combination of all these techniques, PT is routinely referred to as a top practice for treating arthritic pain.

How Can I Find the Best Physical Therapist or Orthopaedic Doctor Near Me?

At Pinnacle Orthopedics, we utilize the most up-to-date technologies and surgical techniques to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. Our team of orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, and sports medicine experts have years of experience in handling various types of cases and have helped many patients return to their normal lives.

Our team of physical therapists work with our orthopaedic doctors and together they design a personalized treatment plan that will restore your functioning.

Pinnacle Orthopaedics has several convenient physical therapy locations:

Contact us today and get started on your journey to arthritic pain relief through physical therapy!

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