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Dick Travis/Torn Rotator Cuff, Bicep Tear

Dick Travis/Torn Rotator Cuff, Bicep Tear

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Michael L. Kuczmanski, M.D.

Dick Travis/Torn Rotator Cuff, Bicep Tear

In February, my husband, Dick Travis, was injured while riding a snow mobile in Jackson Hole, Wyoming while visiting our daughter. It was the second day of our trip and we decided to take a snow mobile adventure ride, which we had done many times before. On this day a blizzard set in making the trail extremely hard to follow. As the storm continued, visibility worsened causing Dick to veer off the trail down a deep, snow-covered slope. As the snow mobile stopped, it began to sink into the deep snow. Dick rolled off the machine, using his right arm to brace himself so the machine would not roll on top of him and consequently hyperextended his arm. Pain set in immediately and upon returning to our hotel the rest of the trip was spent trying to alleviate the terrible pain in his shoulder. When we returned home, the pain became so unbearable that we decided to contact a friend who worked for Pinnacle, and luckily were able to see Dr. Kuczmanski the very same day. After the examination, Dr. K (as everyone so fondly called him), told us that Dick had a torn rotator cuff. Surgery was scheduled for April 15 and the rotator cuff along with a tear in his bicep, were expertly repaired.

We were told the recovery would be long and quite painful. Dick did just as the doctor ordered and soon began the recovery process in physical therapy. The physical therapists were great and by August, Dick had recovered completely. It took a couple of months for him to fully regain his strength, but now he is back to 100% mobility. He can do heavy lifting, ride his motorcycle,and participate in all the outdoor activities he enjoys so much. We feel the key to his successful recovery was the excellent therapists, staff and the surgical skills of Dr. Kuczmanski. Thank you so much for giving my husband his life back!

"It took a couple months...but now he is back to 100% mobility"