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Cynthia Pool/Total Knee Replacement

Cynthia Pool/Total Knee Replacement

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Dr. Ponnusamy's patient, Cynthia Pool

Cynthia Pool came to Pinnacle Orthopaedics in October of 2017 with pain in her left knee. She had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was a child but this pain had started about two years ago. It was mild at first but gradually started getting worse. Her pain and stiffness occurred when walking, bending, twisting or going down stairs. There would also be a “catching or popping” that would sometimes happen and then her knee would lock up. She also had occasional swelling. The pain was deep inside her knee.

She had tried steroid injections, physical therapy and bracing but this was not helping so she was referred to Dr. Karthik Ponnusamy. Dr. Ponnusamy is fellowship trained in hip and knee replacements. He specializes in arthroscopy, hip and knee conditions, total and partial knee replacements, total hip replacements (including the direct anterior approach), and general orthopaedics. Dr. Ponnusamy diagnosed Ms. Pool with Primary Osteoarthritis of the Left Knee and recommended a total knee arthroplasty, also known as a total knee replacement.

Ms. Pool’s surgery was performed at Northside-Cherokee Hospital in November. Dr. Ponnusamy cleaned out the damaged joint and replaced her knee joint with an implant. Just six weeks after the surgery, Ms. Pool was doing great. She was doing so well that she had graduated from physical therapy and did not have any pain. She was back to normal and enjoying her new knee. She can now manage stairs with no issues, walk the dogs instead of letting them out in the fenced area, cut the grass, opt out of using a handicap sticker, manage walking long distances to the ball park to watch her grandson’s baseball games and totally enjoy retirement pain free! She is very happy with Dr. Ponnusamy and her surgery results!

“Dr. Ponnusamy is a stellar surgeon and a kind-hearted gentleman. He gave me excellent care and called to check on me once I got home to be certain that I was doing well. I had no issues from the surgery. My recovery couldn’t have been better. Pinnacle Orthopedics at the Canton Office was an excellent experience from the time I walked in to be greeted at the front desk to the whole staff of nurses, technicians, and physical therapist. I will never go anywhere else for services when there is such a great place like Pinnacle close to my home to meet my needs. I never dreamed after having rheumatoid arthritis most of my life that I would ever be able to get around as well as I am doing, and for that I give Dr. Ponnusamy all the credit and many thanks!”

“My only regret is that I didn’t have the knee replacement sooner. I was off the walker in three days, and two weeks after my surgery went Black Friday shopping for seven hours without the use of a cane!”