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Common Orthopedic Injuries During the Holidays and How to Avoid Them

The holiday season is just around the corner. While this is a great time to gather and celebrate with family and friends, accidents and injuries are also inevitable during preparation. If you are not careful while decorating and celebrating, you can end up spending your holiday season looking for an orthopedic clinic rather than having fun with loved ones.

With all the festivities going on, safety can easily be forgotten. Learn about the common injuries during the holidays, and safety tips on how to avoid them:


If you are fond of decorating your home during the holidays, you know this usually involves climbing up a ladder or stool to attach your beautiful decorations. Who would not want to have a perfect Christmas themed home for the holidays? Even so, you have to pay extra attention as fall-related injuries during the holidays are very common. According to a report, an estimated 17,000+ people were treated in the United States for holiday-decorating-related falls.

  • Safety tip:

To avoid this injury, make sure to use a sturdy ladder or stool. Clean off any mud or liquids and inspect the ladder for any loose screws or hinges. It is also helpful if you can have someone to do the decorating with you. Your spouse, a friend, or your neighbor can be a great partner to hold the ladder or stool while you get on top to place your lights or build your Christmas tree. Minimizing clutter and keeping your pathway clear can also help to prevent accidents and injuries.


For some, Holidays season means time to enjoy the snow with ice skating, skiing, snowboarding or sledding. The fun surely never stops in the ice, but these thrilling activities can be very risky and cause injuries due to the dangerous elements involved. Injuries from shoveling snow are also very common during the holidays. In a 17-year period study, an estimated 195,000+ individuals were treated in the United States for snow shower-related injuries.

  • Safety tip:

To avoid slipping on snow or ice, select suitable footwear and wear proper gear to reduce the risk of getting yourself hurt. Never run on icy ground and avoid doing dangerous stunts during activities to prevent accidents.

When shoveling, properly bend your knees and don't put too much pressure on your lower back and arms to avoid any rotator cuff or back injuries.

For moderate to severe injury types, physical therapy and rehabilitation are essential to long-term recovery. If you don't want any injuries to happen, you need to be extra careful at Christmas time.

Lifting and carrying

Because Christmas is a busy season, lifting and carrying boxes, decorations, and other stuff can be your usual daily routine. Lifting large and heavy items is no easy task and in some cases, it can come with risks. If you are planning to travel during the holidays, lifting heavy luggages can also cause neck, back, or shoulder injuries.

  • Safety tip:

Be mindful of your posture when lifting things. To avoid strain or any injuries, always lift with your legs and not your back muscles. Using your legs to lift and carry items is more effective and safe as it will not overuse your back muscle, and less likely to cause injury. Stretching your arms, legs, and back before you do any lifting also decreases the risks of injuries.

If you are traveling, pack light and avoid bringing large and heavy items. When storing your bags, be careful placing it in the overhead compartments. If your luggage is too heavy for you to carry, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

The holiday season is all about celebration, fun, and good vibes. By following these holiday safety tips, you can ensure a cheery and safe holiday season. However, even with your best effort to prevent injuries, accidents can happen very quickly so it's important to be extra cautious when preparing for the holiday season.

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