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2 Most Common Types of Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Total joint replacement surgery entails the removal of a damaged joint to be replaced with a plastic, metal or ceramic prosthesis. This device has been specifically designed to work and replicate the function or movement of the bad joint so that the patient can return to their normal activities.

While joint replacement may be performed on body parts like the ankle, wrist, elbows, and shoulders, the two most common total joint replacement surgeries are done for the hips and knees, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Experts say in a study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery that 5.26 percent of individuals in the U.S. have had total hip replacement surgery by the age of 80 years old, while 10.38 percent underwent total knee replacement surgery. In both instances, it's female patients who need the procedure more than male patients.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Under the hands of our highly-skilled orthopedic surgeon in Canton, this minimally invasive procedure requires doing a small cut to the side of the hips to expose the joints. The surgeon removes the ball of the joints with precision, as well as any damaged cartilage likely caused by degenerative joint disease, and then attaches an artificial device to the thigh bone before reconnecting the muscles and closing the incision.

A total hip replacement surgery's recovery time at the hospital is usually a week, with physical therapy (PT) taking place a day after the surgery. At home, the patient will be asked to continue with PT sessions to regain range of motion and full muscle strength. The patient must also avoid doing movements that require bending, twisting or squatting for at least six to 12 months.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Also known as knee arthroplasty, this procedure may actually be done as an outpatient procedure, depending on the case. You can ask our orthopedic doctor in Canton if this possible for you. Otherwise, the patient may need to stay in at least overnight or up to four days.

Our orthopedic doctor in Canton will make an incision by the front of the knee to remove the damaged joint and clean the surfaces of the shin and thigh bone, if necessary, before implanting the prosthetic. Once the surgery is done, patients are expected to be on their feet as soon as possible, although they might need a cane or a walker to move about.

Some activities, including driving, may be restricted for a few months during the recovery phase. Along with physical therapy, our orthopedic doctor in Canton may also recommend a weight loss regimen if the patient is on the heavy side to alleviate the pressure on the repaired knee.

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