Our Latest News Pinnacle Orthopaedics introduces the newest member of our team, Kevin Bunn, MD, specializing in total joint replacement. Now seeing patients in our Hiram, Marietta and Woodstock locations.  Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. 

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What Hurts?


Our Fellowship Trained Spine Physicians and Physiatrists specialize in the care and treatment of the neck and are experts in common conditions and injuries of the cervical spine.

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At Pinnacle, we provide patients with the best surgical and non-surgical care for common conditions and injuries of the spine. 

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Our Fellowship Trained Physicians specialize in the treatment of shoulder conditions and injuries, performing new and innovative technologies both surgically and non-surgically to treat shoulder pain.

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The Board Certified Physicians at Pinnacle treat elbow pain both surgically and non surgically in the most advanced and comprehensive manner. 

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Hand & Wrist

At Pinnacle, we have Fellowship Trained Physicians who specialize in the care and treatment of the hand and wrist. 

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Pinnacle has Board Certified Physicians and Surgeons performing new and innovative technologies both surgically and non-surgically to treat hip pain.

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Pinnacle has Board Certified Physicians with years of experience in  performing new and innovative technologies both surgically and non-surgically to treat knee pain.

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Foot & Ankle

At Pinnacle, we have Board Certified Physicians who specialize in the care and treatment of the foot and ankle. 

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Pinnacle Team Affiliations

Jacob Laconi/Partially Dislocated Shoulder

Because of my excellent orthopedic care, Now I Can

Jacob Laconi/Partially Dislocated Shoulder Kristin Laconi, brought her son, Jacob, 11, to Pinnacle after he showed off the "trick" he could do with his shoulder. Jacob is a typical active pre-teen who plays basketball and golf. Presumably, as a result of playing those sports, his shoulder began to pop out of place...thus the "trick." His mother shares her experience with Pinnacle ... Pinnacle Senior Partner, Dr. Paul Payne examined Jacob and determined that he...

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About Us

Dr. Thomas Sturkie founded Marietta Orthopedics in 1964 with Dr. Paul Payne and Dr. Frank McKinnon. Marietta Orthopedics changed names in 1997 to Pinnacle Orthopaedics and has grown to 20 physicians and 13 physician assistants in 6 offices.

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Pinnacle Orthopaedics Research Institute

Pinnacle Orthopaedic Research Institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate the community about musculo-skeletal diseases and sports injury prevention. We Sponsor a wide variety of community events each year. Click below for a list of events in 2015.

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